Rice, Beans, and SO Many More Things

This goes for anywhere you all travel to…but learn about the local culture and try to interact with the locals. We got to watch people sing and dance in the streets and in parks just enjoying their lives and vibing, and it was such a beautiful representation of what I felt Brazil encompasses, and that is togetherness and warmth (literal temperature and figuratively with the closeness of the people). People are so welcoming and homie there, and I am sure that you will encounter some very sweet people like we did. I seriously was so pleasantly surprised at how kind and welcoming all the locals were when we went.

Bucket Hats and Salsa Dancing: Our Trip to Guatemala

The whole time we were in Guatemala, it felt like the universe was trying to kill us! We should have known on the first day when we were hiking (or in Ria’s case, falling down) an actively erupting volcano that it was going to be bad news the whole trip and we should start taking precautions. You want to guess what we didn’t do? Take precaution.

Does the Cost Outweigh the Benefit? Serving Abroad Guest Post with Madeline Warrick

I’m not sure I believe service abroad should be a thing. How hypocritical of me, right? I’m literally doing the definition of service abroad, yet I’ve kind of come to the conclusion that I don’t think the cost outweighs the benefit. I’ve discussed this with friends back home, friends here, and heck, even my own supervisor, but I have yet to have someone give me a compelling argument for why service abroad should continue to prevail. But first, let me give you some background on my situation.

Solitude Can Be Your Sweetest Success….Because It Sure Was For Me!

The biggest learning lesson for me was getting to reevaluate my values. When you’re taken out of the place that you were raised in, you realize most, the things you truly value in life. It really takes leaving to learn what you really might want from your life or realize the types of places you could see yourself building a life in. This is where you can learn the most about yourself.

The Country Made for the TULIP TWO!!! BUT REALLY Just Hop On a Bike and Let the Dutch Winds Take You Away!

Amsterdam blew us away from the minute we made it into the city and off the train. The city is filled with historic buildings and there are canals everywhere. Oh, I mean it when I say the city is made of more bikes than people! I think I bumped into more of those than anything! You can easily rent bikes and galavant around the city at your leisure, but we chose to walk everywhere we went.

Chile: A Spicy, Spontaneous, Seafood-filled Adventure

This trip was one that was random and one of my least planned trips I have ever taken! During my study abroad semester in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2018, I was able to travel all across South America. Making a stop to Argentina’s neighboring country was surely a plan of mine while I was abroad, and I luckily had a friend who was ready to go on this adventure with me!